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Jungle Cabin

Jungle Cabin Room

Our Jungle Cabin is located approximately 2KM from the clubhouse (main building). Measuring at 24m squared, there are 10 units of Jungle Cabin room of which all have a balcony and is also surrounded by the lush greenery of the rainforest.

In each of our jungle cabin room, there are two single beds.

PAR Room (Standard)

PAR Room (Standard)

The PAR room is our standard room. With a limited 6 units of these 16m squared PAR rooms, our PAR Room offers a cozy and comfortable experience in the rainforest.

Each of our PAR room is set with a Queen sized bed settings.

BIRDIE Room (Deluxe)

BIRDIE Room(Deluxe)

With only 18 units available for taking, our BIRDIE Room (Deluxe) offers the opportunity for you to relax your mind,soul, and body in the rainforest. Measured at 28m squared, these crafted abodes will tend to make you stay a little longer than expected to experience the journey "Back to Nature, Back to Basics".

Our BIRDIE rooms are set with a King sized bed settings.

EAGLE Suite (Family)

EAGLE Suite(Family)

Our EAGLE Suite is a family room with one King sized bed and two single beds suitable for a family of four. Measured at 41m squared, there are only 3 rooms available.


Albatross Suite

The ALBATROSS Suite is our Honeymoon suite suitable for couples who wants something different especially in a rainforest settings. Measured at 32m squared, the ALBATROSS suite comes with a King sized bed and is perfect for the honeymoon couple to enjoy and relax.